Trincomalee massacres in 1985

On 03.05.1985, 50 civilians were killed by Sinhalese mobs and Sri Lankan Army in Mahintapura and Dehiwatta.
13 civilians were killed by a bus in Trincomalee on 03.06.1985. A 70-year-old former Member of Parliament at the time, Krynathurai was an eyewitness and the only survivor of the massacre. On 23.05.1985, eight civilians were shot dead by Sri Lankan Army in Nilaveli. More than a dozen people from Anbuvalipuram, who had gone in different directions to collect firewood, did not return home in May 1985. Their bullocks and carts were later discovered. They are suspected to have been killed by Home Guards and the Sri Lankan Army.

On 24.05.1985, 9 civilians were shot dead in Bangul. Two civilians who had gone to Tehiwatta to buy supplies were killed on the same day. A father and his 12-year-old son, who were visiting relatives in Gangweli, were hacked to death by Sri Lankan home guards and the bodies buried in a Gangweli tank.

On 26.05.1985, 40 houses and properties belonging to Tamils ​​were torched at Poonagarh in Echilampattu. Two civilians who went hunting on the same day did not return home. The couple is suspected to have been killed by house guards on Allai-Kanthalai Road. On the same day, three fishermen from Kuniguda were shot dead by the Sri Lankan Army while fishing. On 27.05.1985, a bus belonging to the state bus service CTP stopped at the 52nd mile post of Mahintapura and 7 Tamil civilians including the driver Pushparaja were shot dead and their bodies burnt by the Sinhalese Home Guards. Krishnabilli, who worked in Echilampattu village council, escaped with gunshot wounds.