Engineered Genocide – 05.06.1956

In the 1940s, D. S. Senanayaka, then Minister of Agriculture, established several government-sponsored Sinhalese settlement projects in Amparai district. After this, with the help of the government, the Kalloya Development Project in Amparai District, Kandalai Settlement Project in Trincomalee, Allai Settlement Project were created and Sinhalese people were brought from the outer districts and settled. They were provided with all the facilities and provided with police and military protection. Also temples were built. Only the distance from Buddhist temples where large bells are installed and the bells can be heard has been unofficially predicted as territory for Sinhalese Buddhists. In this way the lands belonging to the Tamil people were looted.

In the general election held in 1956, S. W. R. T. Panadranayaka became the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. One of his election promises, he introduced the Sinhala Only Act in Parliament in June 1956. Against this at that time the All Sri Lankan Tamil Rasa Party expressed its opposition and decided to take direct action. As a result, the All Sri Lankan Tamil Republic Party held a satyagraha protest on June 05, 1956 in front of the old Parliament building in Colombo at Kalimugat. Tamil leaders participated across party lines. Vanapita Taninayagam, a famous Tamil scholar of that time, also participated in this satyagraha. On that day the satyagrahis were attacked by the Sinhalese quails. Genocide against Tamils ​​was incited by the Sinhalese. Tamils ​​were attacked. Many Tamil people were brutally and brutally killed and Tamil-owned shops in Colombo were looted and set ablaze. Anti-Tamil sentiment prevailed throughout the island of Sri Lanka.

Sinhalese quails settled in Amparai district engaged in violence against Tamils. One hundred and fifty Tamil workers working in a sugarcane factory owned by the Kalloya River Valley Development Council at Inginiyakalai were attacked by Sinhalese workers working in the same factory. Many were hacked to death with sharp weapons. The half alive and the dead were thrown into the burning fire. The genocide that took place here is described as an Indian genocide. This is the first mass killing of Tamil people in the history of Sri Lanka.

The book "Emergency 58" has published information that approximately one hundred and fifty Tamils ​​were killed in these massacres.

By: Tamil Genocide 1956 – 2008 Book.