Pudukudiripu Iyan Koiladip Massacre – 21.04.1985

Pudukudiripup area is located twenty km from Mullaitivu city in Mullaitivu district. Pudukudiripu area is home to people doing various professions. More people take up agriculture as a profession.

The village is often under military siege. On 21.04.1985 the village was surrounded early in the morning and many civilians were arrested. The arrested persons were detained near Pudukudiripu fuel station. Some of them were identified as government officials and released. All those who were not freed were taken in an army vehicle from Pudukudiriru to Otusuttan around three o'clock that evening.

Twenty-four of those arrested were lined up in the forest and shot by the army. Among them, Ramanathan and Durairatnam were both injured, while Sebasriyampillai Nahanasabapathy escaped unhurt.

On the way to Otusuttan, all the people who were under fire from the army were loaded into an army rickshaw, and those who were engaged in plantation work were also arrested at Kayamot and dropped in between. Those who were injured and lying dead also died miserably while shouting water, water.

The next day, they collected the corpses of the people and loaded them into a military vehicle, placed them at the back of Otusuttan guard station and piled the bodies of the dead on the coffins and set them on fire.

Speaking in front of the Pudukudiripu P. No. Goo Association, President Durairatnam commented on the incident:

“The army cordoned off the town early in the morning and arrested many people. The government employees were released. After the investigation, everyone was picked up at 3.00 and taken to Otsutton Road. Then they dropped everyone in the forest and put them on a small road from there and shot them in a row. Nahanasabapathy and I survived with serious injuries.”

Details of those killed in Pudukudiripu Iyan Koilatip Massacre on 21.04.1985:

  1. Kanakasundaram Karunanandam (Age 39 – Self Employed)
  2. Seeni Joseph (age 32)
  3. Seeni Devdas (age 24)
  4. Athiryan Amaladas (age 19)
  5. Appiah Indran (age 32)
  6. Raimendu Karidanathan (age 45)
  7. Damodarampillai (age 20)
  8. Manickam Paulinrasa (age 21)
  9. Kittinan (age 32)
  10. Sankarapillai Sathyaseelan (Age 21 – Student)
  11. Singharathanam Ilango (18 years – Student)
  12. Anthony Pillai Suvampillai (Age 32 – Agriculture)
  13. Antonipillai Tytsingsi (age 16 – laborer)
  14. Appiah Bhuvanendran (Age 32 – Agriculture)
  15. Vinayakamurthy Raghunathan (Age 28 – Private Business)
  16. Periyathambi Balasundaram (age 30 – laborer)
  17. Lakshmanan (age 30)

Note:- The name details of all those affected in this incident could not be obtained.

By: Tamil Genocide 1956 – 2001 Book.