Mulliyawela Massacre – 16.01.1985

Mulliyawelak village is situated on the Vavunia – Mullaithivu highway as Mullai is a fertile area surrounded by medicinal fields and an area with excellent traditional art and culture. On 16.01.1985, the government troops stationed at Mullaithivu surrounded Mulliyawelak village at 4.00 am on the second day of Taithru day (Mattu Pongal) for cattle.

The people of Mulliyawela region were engaged in their morning chores as usual. Only then did they realize that their territory was under siege by the army. The soldiers involved in the encirclement entered the Mulliyawela area and arrested seventeen people including two women, a mother of three who was seven months pregnant, and set many of their residences on fire. Relatives observed that after a while (half an hour) they heard a barrage of gunshots. Relatives observed that after a while (half an hour) they heard a barrage of gunshots. The news spread that seventeen people had died besides the pigeons of those who had been captured.

In no time the military vehicles moved towards Mullaitiv. Relatives were looking at their relations as vehicles. A relative saw only one vehicle loaded with bicycles and goods and the soldiers went, but it was impossible to know that the bodies of the dead were inside.

When his relatives did not return home the next day, Urilirunath went to Mullaitivu military camp with the Justice of the Peace, Mr. Thiagarasa, where the bodies of the dead were thrown. It could be seen that the bodies thrown there were stripped of their clothes, their hands, feet, and heads were cut off, and they had been killed with many injuries. Among them, the two legs of the pregnant woman who had been murdered were cut off and the stomach area carrying the child was burnt and the child was found to have been murdered in a pitiful manner.

Everyone was shocked to see the other woman's body with cigarette burns, tortured and murdered in an unknown manner. When the relatives asked the army to hand over the bodies to them, the people refused when the army threatened to hand over the bodies only if the killed were signed as terrorists. As a result, the soldiers did not hand over the bodies to the people and set them on fire.

Thavarathnam Thilakavathy, who lost her husband in the incident, said:

“At 4.30 in the morning, the soldiers came to the houses and arrested seventeen people, including some women and my husband and son, and burnt some houses and looted their properties. Then they took the arrested people to the nearby forest. Then there were many loud noises. After that the army vehicles went towards Mullaithivu. They carried the bodies of the dead and the seriously injured along with bicycles and goods on it.

The next day, when he went to Mullaitivu with the justice of the peace, he found everyone slaughtered and naked corpses. When they asked to take their bodies, they said they could take them if they signed them as Kotti (tigers). They all left the public there because they didn't want to sign and receive the bodies."

16.01.1985 Killed in Mulliyawela Massacre Details:

  1. Nagaretnam Sriskandharasa
  2. Kumaraswamy Vijayakumari (Homework)
  3. Filipia Anranyogarasa (age 17 – Seafarer)
  4. Thambaiah Vivekananda (Student)
  5. Markandu Detshanamurthy (Age 19 – Seafarer)
  6. Chellathurai Navaratnam (Agriculture)
  7. Chelathurai Kumaraswamy (Agriculture)
  8. Subpan Chinnan
  9. Chinnan Annalakshmi (Housework)

Note:- The name details of all those affected in this incident could not be obtained.

By: Tamil Genocide 1956 – 2001 Book.