Kuzumuna Massacre – 02.12.1984

Kuzumuna Massacre – 02.12.1984

Kuzumuna village is situated in Karaithuraiphap division of Mullaitivu district. Agriculture and animal husbandry are the main occupations of the people of this village.

During 1984, it was common for the village of Kuzumuna to be surrounded by the army early in the morning and people arrested and harassed.

As usual on 01.10.1984; Two members of the same family were rounded up early in the morning and arrested. Subsequently, many were arrested on 29.11.1984. The army freed the other four brothers of the same family who had been arrested earlier and Mohan (from Kuzumuna).

When their wives asked the army to release their husbands, the army said that they would release them after questioning them, and on 14.02.1985 they announced to the respective houses that they had shot them on 02.12.1984.

07 people died in this incident, including 6 children of Ponnambalam from Kujumuna, including one from the same village. In 06 families belonging to Akrama, 06 women were widowed without family heads. This incident was the first incident in Mullaitivu following the 1983 communal riots.

Details of those who were killed in Kuzumuna Massacre on 02.12.1984.

  1. Ponnambalam Namashivayam (age 51)
  2. Ponnambalam Anandhan (age 53)
  3. Ponnambalam Kengatharan (age 45)
  4. Ponnambalam Ponrasa (age 43)
  5. Ponnambalam Chandralingam (age 49)
  6. Ponnambalam Vivekananda (age 47)
  7. Mohanadas (age 32)

Note :- Name details of all those affected in this incident could not be obtained.