Chunnagam market massacre – 28.03.1984

Valigamam of Jaffna district is located in the southern part, ten km from Jaffna city. KKS in the distance. Sunnaga market is located near the road junction Sunnaga. This market is the largest selling point for the agricultural products of the Jaffna peninsula. Agricultural products produced from many districts including Jaffna and Kilinochchi were sold in this market.

On the afternoon of 28.03.1984, a large number of people had gathered in the Sunnagam bus stand area and market areas going about their daily business. Suddenly, the Airmen arrived at the bus station area in trucks and jeeps with great excitement and unexpectedly, they opened fire on the people gathered in the bus station areas and the market.

Eight civilians who were engaged in their daily activities were killed and up to fifty civilians were seriously injured in the air force firing. Many shops were burnt down when the market was set on fire. After this, the soldiers who left the place and went towards Kangesanturai via Mallagam area through KKS Road attacked all the common people in Mallagam area. One person died and many were injured.

Subsequently, the air force that went to Thellipalai area attacked the students who were returning home after completing their exams at the Union College, and the civilians who were walking there. The Airmen then returned to Palali Camp.

28.03.1984 Sunnaga Market Massacre Details of those killed:

  1. Kanthaya Balasubramaniam (age 52 – Security guard)
  2. Nagalingam Sivasubramaniam (age 54 – Market Supervisor)
  3. Thambimuthu Sundaralingam (Age 38 – Labourer)
  4. Vallipuram Chinnathurai (Age 68 – Business)
  5. Vairavi Thiagarasa (Age 42 – Weaving)
  6. Pashupati Thavamani (age 43 – housework)
  7. Natarasa Yogarasa (age 27 – Business)

Note :- Name details of all those affected in this incident could not be obtained.

By: Tamil Genocide 1956 – 2001 Book.