2nd Lt. Malathi Brigade


2nd Lt. Malathi Brigade Memorial Sumantha Music Record


2nd Lep. Malathi Brigade.!
Valvettithurai, the spores of twelve vangas outside the lake, were stacked on top of the burning wreckage.

"We are now raising the weapons we laid down in the hope that India will save our people."

A voice called out.
The firearms were raised above.
Tribute hunts traveled red as the sky tore.

The Indo-Eelam War has begun.

If the Indian Army advances on the Naval Base, it will not be in conflict; Fifteen girls ready. The AK 47, which was hastily delivered a couple of days ago on hand, was not even available to everyone with a single bulletproof vest. Others tied the bullets to a piece of cloth, with shells.

2nd Lt Malathi, 2nd Lt Kasturi, Veeravenkai with Viji, Jena, Daya and Ranji ready. Fighting broke out between the advancing Indian forces and them. Heavy fighting. Fill the semolina to the brim with filler. The inability of the world to stand up to the forces of the Fourth Powers of the day, which had come in large numbers with great force, began to push us back towards the battlefield.

Malathi has a sore throat. Could not walk. The army was approaching. Viji was trying to drag Malati away. Could not. Malati drank cyanide, deciding that she would not be harmed in the war with the superpowers.

She became the first female hero of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) to leave her and take up arms against her brother.

The tool was handed over and the dreams were handed over.

Malathi, you fell to the ground with the dream that the motherland will
dawn . My battalion was raised by my brother by saying your name . (Thanks - Poetry Ambuli)

Sun Rays - 01 At the end of the counter operation, the LTTE Women's Brigade, 2nd Lt. Malati was transformed into a brigade.

Sinhala Army leadership ready for Operation Suriyak Kathir 02. 2nd Lep. The Malathi Brigade was stationed at Vadaravattai, Kappudu, Mandan, Valvai Veli and Thondamanarthuchandi areas of Vadamarachchi.

The known difference in the actions of the Sinhala soldiers led to speculation that their credit might be on the sidelines. Our spy operation began.

The electric lights that illuminate the night do not allow us to enter beyond the outer shelters of the Vadaravatta. Captain Gopi's team tried again and again. Some of the lanterns on the poles in front of the shelters were built on our side and some of the soldiers could see. When the electric light built in the opposite direction to us glows, the pole in our direction casts a small shadow. Repeatedly trying to get closer to the enemy even using that shadow

Intuition said that the soldiers were going to start the operation. Today is the fourth day I have to go somehow.

Precedence now. Kobe made the decision to log in using the 10 - 15 minute interval where the generator rests at midnight and return after observing the situation.

There is no time to worry about whether this will work or not. Apart from this there is no other way to smoke into the army base.

April 02, 1996 Kobe's team moves. The lead reached the observation position. Slowly, the army confronted him on the way before approaching the barricade.

The effort cannot be abandoned. I have to go. Slowly moving sideways and advancing again, the army was again confronted. Leaning back sideways, trying to move forward, the generator rested.

Can't delay anymore. Gopi, who saw the army standing five meters in front of the barricade, gestured and stopped the movement, trying to get one to enter the first barrier to go into the race to get in and out within ten minutes.

By then the electric lights had come to life.

Standing there for a moment longer is tantamount to suicide. The
Sri Lankan Army to withdraw

To start firing, they also fired grenades, and Captain Gopi became the first lieutenant of the 2nd Lt. Malathi Brigade in that cut-out battle, now ten years old.

The regiment bearing the name of 2nd Lt. Malati will not give up anything that could not be like the first knight Captain Gopi, as he has always tried anywhere.

True Victory - 01 Lt. Tamilpriya was trained as one of the company's spy team in the early days of the counter operation. Spying was the most appropriate task for him, who was of a sober and calm nature.

Tamilpriya crossed the barracks of the attackers and went to the front and spent the night very close to the Sinhala army, coming a little behind during the day and climbing tall trees to monitor the troops.

The Sinhala soldiers stationed at St. Barima's College, Uruthrapuram were guided by the guards to the wounded militants during our infiltration operation on 26.09.1996, and then re-assembled behind the wounded, a relentless march until the end of the operation.

A huge force movement was carried out by the Sinhala forces. Not sure how, when or where. A company of the 2nd Lt. Malathi Brigade was stationed at Udanga. Due to the lack of personnel to monitor the vast territory, the 2nd Lt Malathi Brigade's reconnaissance teams were patrolling the Sambalankulam, Odiyamalai, Udanga and water break areas.

Twice in the Udangap area, our teams met and attacked the spy teams of the Sri Lankan Army. Inda, Anda was the day the fight started.

Launched on 13.05.1997 the so-called “Success Guaranteed” Sinhala Failure. 2nd Lep. Operation forces were the first to meet the Malathi Brigade's spy team.

Lt. Tamilpriya was engraved in history as the first hero of the victory-sure action.

“Other troops will defend the Puliyankulam junction. If the army comes to the intersection and fights, it will be difficult to maintain the base. If we want to keep the Puliyankulam junction under our control for a long time, you have to set up barricades outside them and fight and inflict damage on the enemy. You go and do it ”

Said Mr. V. Prabhakaran, National Leader of Tamil Eelam. Is there something that is not possible in the lives of players? Departed 2nd Lep. Malathi Brigade. Arrived at Puliyankulam on foot from Nedunkerny.

Set up barricades outside the site, according to the leader. The Vavuniya-Kilinochchi highway was flanked on both sides, providing protection for the Puliyankulam base. He had browsed the spy team of the regiment in front of him.

In the early hours of the morning on 23.06.1997, five spy fighters led by the Major Queen were the first to clash with the advancing troops as the rank-and-file rained down bombs and rained shells.

Moving those who were resting in the field medical home due to old wounds and illness to the front line, the spy team fought until everyone in the front line prepared themselves, and when everyone was ready they fought back and front line fighters.

Victory was ours, from those who threw shells and hurled earthen capers with their bare hands, those who repaired and repaired heavy weapons that had become immobile, and those who continued to fight with bandages tied up.

During the battle, which lasted from 5.00 am to 5.00 pm, the brigade established the name of 2nd Lt. Malathi and the name of Captain Gopi.

In the face of the two major battles of the Tamil Eelam Liberation Struggle, the Indian Army War, and the victory-assured operation, the Brigade is waiting all over the field, in the guts to unite the first heroes and win the coming battles.

"One hundred and twenty-five knights are proudly uprooted by the battalion"

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