Ganga Amaran Underwater Swimming Division

Gangai Amaran Underwater Swimming Brigade, one of the special brigades of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)

The Ganges Amaran Underwater Swimming Squadron with the help of LTTE Special Forces Special Equipment similar to the World Army swims under the sea and attacks sea cells or other Sri Lankans.

Named after Lt. Colonel Gangai Amaran, he led the underwater swimming division of the Sea Tigers. Gangai Amaran

On May 09, 2008, the Ganga Amaran Underwater Swimming Division A-520 submarine ships sank. This was one of their main attacks, when a Sinhala warship was sunk during the attack. The attack, which was carried out in a completely new manner at sea, shocked the international community.

This is because the early attacks of the sea tigers were dependent on the black tigers. That is to say, the tactic was to go on a boat loaded with ammunition and destroy the boat by colliding with the enemy's boat.

The Sinhala army, with the help of the armies of many countries around the world, tried to figure out how the attack was carried out, but found the answer to this riddle long after the attack.